Take Charge of Your Data

Stop letting businesses take your data for FREE! BitBounti will put you in control of your data and allow you to profit from it.


We use the IOTA ecosystem for secure data storage on the Tangle, private identity systems, and safe payments without transaction fees.


BitBounti doesn’t store your private information. Ever. By allowing you to store your personal encrypted data on the IOTA Tangle, even if our servers are compromised, your private information is safe and secure.


BitBounti puts you in control of your data. You get to choose who can access your data. You get to say if it can be sold. You get to be the one getting paid for it.


Your data is valuable. Most of the time companies are taking your data and profitting from it themselves. BitBounti matches you with companies that will pay you directly for your data through our bounties system.


BitBounti was honored to have placed fifth place in the worldwide IOTA Foundation Flash Hackathon. We proved that our prototype had potential to become something great!


Bounties make selling your data and services simple and fun. Based on your private data, you receive requests to complete tasks. For example, if you specify that you are a home owner you may get a bounty requesting you take a survey about lawn care. By filling out the survery you earn IOTA and the company gets high quality information in return.

There are many different types of bounties. Here are some more examples of potential bounties:


Surveys are the bread and butter of collecting important data from users. Users of BitBounti will receive personalized tasks based off of their private profile data. Completing surveys will reward users with IOTA and businesses with valuable data.


Businesses are often desparate to get reviews from their customers. If allowed, BitBounti can track physical locations that you frequent. You will be notified of review bounties in your area. Giving reviews will earn you IOTA.


Looking for a someone to build you a webpage or design a logo? Have a special talent that you’d like to sell? Anyone can create and complete service bounties for just about any type of service. BitBounti will match you with your best options.


We will be continually experimenting and figuring out what types of bounties work best. The possibilities for bounties are endless. With your personal data securely stored in the Tangle, BitBounti will be able to tailor bounties specifically to you. We have many ideas for future bounties but we are always looking for suggestions from the community.

We need your help!

BitBounti is in very early stages of development. We have an excited and passionate crew that is working as hard as possible to make BitBounti a reality. However, to get BitBounti into your hands we are going to need proper funding. If we can build a large enough community following we’ll be able to prove to investors that we have something worth betting on.

The simplest things that you can do right now are: sign up for email updates, follow our social media accounts, and spread the word! If you really want to show your support, we invite you to become a patron through our Patreon campaign. Patrons get access to behind the scenes development, first dibs on beta access, and access to special Discord channels.

BitBounti will empower people to take back control of their data and release it on their own terms and for their own profit. We’re doing more than building an app; we’re revolutionizing the data industry.